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Welcome to e² Young Engineers!

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Young Engineers is a children’s education company that was established in 2008 by Amir Asor*, which brings a creative and highly effective approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) theories. We have been enormously successful in Israel (now the largest after school activity provider in the country) and are rapidly expanding across the globe, where our programs are operating in 15 new countries across 5 continents. Our curricula teach children the fundamentals of the physical world around them while ensuring their engagement and attention as they learn through building LEGO® bricks motorized models and interacting with each other and a highly-trained instructor.

    In addition, we offer yearly programs for private schools, for which we provide full training and support – enabling these institutions and their staff to operate independently and in keeping with their current practices.

    Our programs are proven** to assist children in achieving higher grades at school, in addition to developing their motor skills, spatial awareness and interpersonal skills. Additionally, the opportunity to experiment and build in a creative environment nurtures their passion for learning and addresses the lack of diversity in teaching methods, which is a recognized problem with standard school curricula throughout the world.

    As an Israeli company, we are keen to harness our natural connection to Jewish communities worldwide. We are therefore seeking to establish relationships and links to potential franchisees who we believe will be equally interested in:

  • Investing in a worthwhile service which brings huge benefits to children across the globe.
  • Supporting a young Israeli company which, while already a proven success, has the innate potential to grow even further.

    As you already have connections with institutions and organizations in your home community, reaching out and building interest in e² Young Engineers will be straightforward and rewarding. Finding ways to support Israeli companies always leads to a productive and enthusiastic discussion within Jewish communities. Jewish day schools, JCCs, synagogues and retirement homes all play an active role in their local area and are generally very proactive in engaging with Israel – a natural resource for any Israeli company. In addition, all these institutions are eligible to participate in e² Young Engineers courses, and therefore form a potential backbone to YE franchise businesses.

You are in the perfect position to be part of the e² Young Engineers education revolution!

Please continue to our Franchise Website for more information and to download our Franchise Report.

You can also visit our e² Young Engineers Homepage.

Thank you.

*Amir Asor, Youth Business International Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

**Proven children’s achievements

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