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LEGO Bricks Exhibition – Beyond The Brick

e² Young Engineers® presents:

Beyond The Brick

Watch. Play. Build. Discover.

A Technologically Interactive LEGO® Bricks Exhibition

The following details the content and construction of our LEGO® based exhibition on engineering. Please note that the Beyond The Brick exhibition can be tailored to accommodate various sizes and types of venues, and we are more than willing to modify the exhibit from what is stated below based on your specific needs.

Children’s games play an important and vital part in child  development. Kids love to play and be exposed to exciting stimulations, like gadgets and interfaces that they find fascinating. The games’ language is extremely important in child development, with which they experience making mistakes, fixing mistakes, research and the drawing of conclusions.

In designing an educational and playful LEGO® based exhibition, the major highlight for us is the level of engagement and excitement shown by each child as they identify with the exhibits presented. We then leverage this excitement by enriching the visitors’ general knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles displayed in the exhibits. Creating a familiar environment through the use of LEGO® bricks, and the demonstration of models that every child loves, allows visitors to connect with the exhibits, generating  curiosity and enabling participants to delve further into the exhibits.

In addition to the creation of curiosity and investigation of the exhibits achieved through playing and controlling the interactive models, it is important that all children can continue their playful experience by building a LEGO® model that illustrates the principles brought before them in the exhibits.
Construction and enhancements of the LEGO® models constitute a mechanism that triggers a child’s satisfaction, while developing their motor, mental, social and practical engineering skills.



Exhibition Goals 

    • Create a fun and exciting experience, while encouraging learning through curiosity and interest
    • Establish a unique exhibition on a marketing level that will interest visitors from all ages worldwide
    • Provide a sense of “I can!”.  This sense of self-efficacy will emerge from the exhibits and from the subsequent construction experience
    • Explain the scientific forces and principles behind the everyday devices that work for us
    • Provide a common language between engineering sciences and the inner world of a child
    • Impart basic concepts of classical mechanics and mechanisms
    • Create an incentive for higher studies in mechanical design & engineering
Nature of the Exhibition
The exhibition will induce a playful, educational and inviting atmosphere. Exhibition space utilization is provided below:
  • Introduction Area: 200 square meters (2150 sq ft) – the designed and experiential entrance of the exhibition, which includes a reception LEGO® bricks model, photograph area and LEGO® based decorations.
  • Video Preview Area: 40 square meters (430 sq ft) – visitors will watch an animated scientific video.
  • Interactive Exhibits Area: 500 square meters (5380 sq ft) – includes 35 unique exhibits.
  • Experience and Learning Area: 50 square meters (540 sq ft) – visitors will experience guided self-construction of mechanisms illustrated in the Interactive Exhibits space, while being exposed to the physical principles presented to them.
e2 Young Engineers® Programs
The Experience and Learning Area will be used to conduct practical workshops from Young Engineers programs. These programs enrich knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by using LEGO® based interactive model building. Each child will receive an e2 custom made kit, which includes the YE tablet with the unique 3D Young Engineers app. This extremely innovative app will escort the child from the very first step, while enhancing the understanding of the mechanisms and the building instructions in an effective and intuitive manner.
More Info.

  • Length of Visit: maximum of 2 hours
  • Recommended Group Size: groups of 20 children simultaneously in the Interactive Exhibits Area and the Experience and Learning Area
  • Target Audience: children and adults